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    We always dreamed of packing in our jobs and living our creative dreams.

    The two of us enjoyed renovating and decorating, completing three beautiful home renovations together, completing all but the most technical trade jobs ourselves. Our homes have been filled with treasures we had picked up from local artists, bought back from holidays and scavenged through garage sales and antique stores to find. While we made sure we only bought pieces we loved, that ‘sparked joy’, we noticed that homewares, just like fashion, were becoming more and more trend driven and disposable. 

    Both us of were really disturbed by the way marketing was encouraging people to constantly update their homes with new season colours and must have items.

    We both knew we wanted to promote an alternative. Fear of failure, of financial insecurity and of being too old to risk everything held us back from making design our life. Then we became parents. Having a child can really change your perspective and for us, it helped us realise that life was too short not to try.

    In early 2018 we sold our ‘dream house’, packed up our little family and moved an hour north of Newcastle to the sunny seaside holiday town of Nelson Bay NSW. We downsized from our large three bedroom house to a tiny two bedroom apartment and one of us left a comfortable career to drive our new business full time.

    Burbridge and Burke was born.

    One half of Burbridge and Burke (Claire) holds a degree in Industrial Design and is passionate about clean, minimalist design. The other half of the partnership (Kim) is all about colour, pattern and embracing individual quirks. Although very different, we come together on our core beliefs (and love of all things mid century modern). We strive to offer thoughtful, unique and lovingly crafted quality furniture, indoor and outdoor pieces for the home, jewellery and wearable art, made to love and to transcend trends.

    As well as creating our own pieces, it is important to us to support other creatives and showcase the amazing design talent we have here in Australia.

    Along with our work we stock beautiful home ware items, art, kids and babies items and fashion accessories that have been thoughtfully designed and made by a selection of great Australian artists and designers. Gorgeous pieces that make us happy and reflect our design ethos.

    A beautiful, thoughtful and unique home is easy to achieve.

    Just as our grandparents did, buy the best quality you can afford, buy pieces you love, that you will take care of and that will last the test of time.


    If you would like to know more or just want to say hi, we'd love to hear from you. You can flick us an email by clicking here and you can find us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on upcoming products, projects and events.