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    The Epic Fail Game

    Yolanda and Susanna describe themselves as two reforming helicopter-parents with a few decades of professional experience in cultural psychology and design between them.

    They designed The Epic Fail Game as a creative way to celebrate failure through play. 

    Why celebrate failure?

    It’s never been harder to be a kid. Statistics the world over are showing a huge rise of anxiety in children.

    The causes are mixed and many. Everything from helicopter parenting, lack of play, technology overload, too much sugar and too little sleep are competing for blame.

    One thing’s for sure: We need to grow more resilience - which usually means bracing for some hard knocks. But that doesn’t have to come at the expense of fun. In fact, wouldn’t it be amazing if we redefined those bumps, knocks and fails as something positive?

    In a world obsessed with success, Yolanda and Susanna thought it was time to celebrate a little Epic Failing!

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