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    Tactica is all about creating innovative tools for your everyday.

    Their story began back in 2016 when they launched a crowdfunding campaign for their multitool innovation. It went on to become the highest funded multitool in crowdfunding history. Since going to market in 2017 it remains a highly in demand product.

    While their product range has expanded, their commitment to good design remains.

    All Tactica Tools are:


    No-one likes an uncomfortable tool. Ergonomics go beyond making a tool safe and easy to use - It should be so comfortable that it becomes an extension of you. With ergonomic styling and rounded profiles, Tactica multitools are designed to be carried. 

    Non Scratch

    A core goal of their composite tools is to ensure they don’t scratch other items that are important to you, like your devices. Without the sharp edges and hard surfaces, you can rest assured these tools won’t scratch your screens or tear your bag.


    Any active person understands the consequences of weight when you are out adventuring. Between composite materials and unique construction, Tactica can achieve the same performance of metal at a fraction of the weight.