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    Smyle Designs

    Brisbane based designers Kylie & Matt have a passion for retro designs and creative recycling.
    Together they created Smyle Designs, a colourful, eco-friendly jewellery range made from recycled CDs and Vinyl Records.

    Concerned about the build up of plastic waste, they are doing their bit to help. Instead of making jewellery from shiny new materials, they make their creations from recycled plastics....cos the world needs more recycling, not more manufacturing. 

    Smyle Designs production method is definitely a labour of love. It all starts with their original artwork. They hen cut up old vinyl records, hand pour on resin for strength and durability and a nice glossy finish. Each piece is hand sanded and assembled in their happy little home studio in sunny Brisbane, Australia. 

    The result are ethically made earrings and brooches that are cute and fun to wear!
    And they’re good for the planet. 

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