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    Candle Kiosk

    Candle Kiosk is the result of a journey to create a high quality candle experience. Simple forms, clean lines and neutral tones. Timeless candles, despite their fleeting nature.

    Based in Avalon beach, Sydney, Candle Kiosk set out to go beyond simply pouring candles, but to create a complete candle experience, from the anticipation of unpacking to the aesthetics of the candle itself, and finally the pleasure of the clean burning experience. Every candle they create, from the humble pillar to the tallest cone, is the result of this design philosophy.

    Not all candles are created equal.

    All Candle Kiosk candles are poured from fully refined wax, and finished with a 100% cotton, lead-free wick for a clean, slow burn.

    Best of all, they don't drip so there is no mess.

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